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Uova da Ravioli With Asparagus Everything

by outRIAAge 2 months ago

There's a perfectly-good recipe for this in the Editorial section:

Asparagus serving/cooking utensil help?

by ThomasGault 4 months ago

Hi, What utensil do people use to serve or cook asparagus? Special tongs? A fork? Fingers? There don't seem to be ...


mike0989 commented 4 months ago

"Flavored" asparagus??

by kseiverd 6 months ago

Was in Shoprite (Lumberton, NJ) a few days ago. They had bundles of asparagus @ $3.99/lb. Above area where asparagu...


dfrostnh commented 6 months ago

Roasted asparagus was inedible

by learntocookchinese 9 months ago

I roasted at 400° for 15 minutes. Asparagus was inedible due to fibers that become evident after chewing. These...


Madrid commented 6 months ago

Favorite recipes for skinny minny asparagus?

by fldhkybnva 3 years ago

I love roasted asparagus and usually try to get a particular size of spears which I enjoy but with the spring onslaug...

tim irvine commented 1 year ago

Best Fried Zucchini and Fried Asparagus in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

by Ilovetoeatso 1 year ago

Cause a lot of posts here are very old Im starting new. I've had California Grill's zucchini in uptown whittier so I'...


attran99 commented 1 year ago

Gin made with asparagus launched

by zin1953 1 year ago

"Notting Hill-based gin brand Portobello Road has made a limited edition bottling distilled with asparagus from Cambr...


kagemusha49 commented 1 year ago

Whole Foods on the receiving end of some more mockery

by drongo 1 year ago

Lots of stories today about Whole Foods and their latest "nonsense product, supposedly healthy or organic or artisana...

ennuisans commented 1 year ago

What do I make with these ingredients?

by anniam 1 year ago

I am doing this farm share thing this summer and I have to use this stuff before it rots. Week 1 included the followi...

Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

asparagus and artichokes

by sparkareno 1 year ago

What do you do about wine with these two troublemakers. Not drink wine? I know they affect the taste.


TombstoneShadow commented 1 year ago

Raw asparagus safe?

by mickie44 8 years ago

Someone told me recently that asparagus, like fiddlehead ferns, must be cooked as it contains toxins. I've been unab...


jammers commented 1 year ago

Freezing leftover asparagus?

by DanaB 7 years ago

Hi All, So, I was tempted at the market today by local fresh asparagus -- unfortunately it was pre-bundled, and so...

pistachio peas commented 1 year ago

Anyone seen white asparagus?

by Pegmeister 1 year ago

I had the most amazing pasta dish with white asparagus while in Aruba recently. It got me to thinking that I haven't ...


Duster17 commented 1 year ago

New veggie side dish recipes, please!

by ferris91 1 year ago

Hi Chowhounds, I love vegetables with just a bit of butter and salt. But my boyfriend...well, not so much. His m...


Sharuf commented 1 year ago

Leftover Asparagus Stalks - What should I do with them?

by Beaver Street 8 years ago

I have been obsessively saving the pieces of asparagus that I snap off the end of the stalks and sticking them in my ...

DuffyH commented 2 years ago

I left cooked veggies out all night - safe to eat?

by alwayshungrygal 2 years ago

I think the title says it all. I roasted 2 bunches of asparagus in OO and lemon juice, and put them in a covered con...

foodieX2 commented 2 years ago

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