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Fresh Anchovies

by jasmurph 11 years ago

Berkeley Bowl had fresh anchovies 2 weeks ago, and WOW were they good (and cheap--$1.99/lb). Alas, no luck this past ...


pure_garcia commented 16 days ago

In a cool place ?

by emglow101 5 months ago

I purchased a jar of Agostino Recca anchovy fillets in olive oil . I opened them and that is what it reads on the jar...

mbfant commented 5 months ago

Uses for Anchovy Paste (Other than Caesar Dressing)?

by momnivore 5 years ago

So I have a tube of anchovy paste that I needed for a marinade and now I have quite a bit left. I've already added i...


hrhsassypants commented 5 months ago

Emergency anchovy expiration question!

by ManhattanLawyer 7 years ago

I have an opened can of anchovies packed in olive oil (that I then put in tupperware to make sure the entire fridge d...

BobB commented 6 months ago

anchovies -- best brand?

by J.A. 10 years ago

So, which are the ultimate anchovies? Oil- or salt-packed? What brand? The choices at my local gourmet/internation...


GuidoIV commented 6 months ago

Fresh Anchovies?

by smaiolini 6 months ago

Does anyone know where I can buy fresh anchovies in the SF Bay Area?

Melanie Wong commented 6 months ago

Anchovies on your pizza?

by Ed2014 7 months ago

I just searched for the top ten most popular pizza toppings and I couldn't find one that listed anchovies, yet almost...

Will Owen commented 7 months ago

Whole canned Anchovies

by penick_99 7 months ago

Hi, I brought a can home of whole Anchovies , that still need cleaning...any recipe ideas I treat them like ord...

linguafood commented 7 months ago

What are white anchovies?

by Fiona 9 years ago

Last week I had white anchovies for the first time. I was at a fairly upscale restaurant and ordered a Caesar salad w...

JoanN commented 9 months ago

You Are Cordially Invited To the Marriage of Italian Anchovies and My Killer Pasta Sauce

by caiatransplant 11 months ago

Hi Y'all. What would I do without all of you out there??!!! So, you read the heading: The marriage of Italian Anch...

caiatransplant commented 10 months ago

Uses for anchovy oil?

by albanis 3 years ago

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what to do with leftover anchovy oil? Besides tossing it with pasta,...

coll commented 12 months ago

vegetarian substitute for anchovies?

by sfbecky 8 years ago

I was giving a friend my recipe for green goddess dsng, and she said she'd have to skip the anchovies since she's veg...


teukros commented 3 years ago

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