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Bar near Boston with Chartreuse VEP

by herbyliquor 11 days ago

Know any bars that carry it? Not the regular green or yellow chartreuse but the VEP stuff that is more expensive.


herbyliquor commented 18 hours ago

Where to find gentian root in Van?

by mendicity 5 days ago

I'm going to make amari for Christmas gifts this year and the recipe I've settled on calls for gentian root. Anyone k...


mendicity commented 1 day ago

Egg white in a margarita - that's just wrong.

by greenstate 6 years ago

I decided to give Sensing at the Fairmont Battery Wharf, another try and went there for cocktails. I ordered one of ...


alleyoops75 commented 10 days ago

Looking for the name of a specific liquor

by Yteddy 12 days ago

It's in a foreign language, Swedish I think. It looks like: Fijbcctus Tiopfen and there's a deer on the bottle. ...


Yteddy commented 12 days ago

St Germain HELP please

by strawbrritadreams 2 years ago

I received a beautiful, brand-spankin' new bottle of St Germain over the holidays and I CAN'T WAIT to use it. One lit...


mds3 commented 14 days ago

Cocktails & Spirits Be the first to comment

Contempo Westwood Glogg?

by CrayolaToo 15 days ago

Does anyone remember the upscale furniture store Contempo/Westwood Playhouse in Westwood village, next to UCLA? It is...

What is/was Tango?

by MC Slim JB 9 years ago

I don't know what made me think of this stuff, but I recall it as a preferred tipple of underage drinkers when I was ...


rmagee commented 16 days ago

Luxardo Maraschino cherries not at all worth the price

by nickls 7 years ago

I knew homemade cocktail cherries would undoubtedly be better, but I figured I would give Luxardo Maraschino cherries...


paniola commented 16 days ago

Cocktails & Spirits Be the first to comment

Cannabis Cocktails? Constellation Sees Opening

by Melanie Wong 17 days ago

"...The number of drinkers who also smoke cannabis has grown over the past decade, while the number of pot smokers wh...

How long do unopened bottles of hard liquor/liquers stay drinkable for? And opened?

by Shayna Madel 9 years ago

I don't drink much hard liquor at all, for no particular reason. But, years ago, I did establish a little bar in my ...

davis_sq_pro commented 17 days ago

Whiskey Cocktails

by Sami7 18 days ago

Which type of Whiskey is used more in Cocktails, Bourbon or Blended Whiskey?

davis_sq_pro commented 17 days ago

Canadian Whisky

by Sami7 18 days ago

What makes Canadian Whisky more lighter tasting and smoother compare to other types of whiskeys


LorenzoGA commented 17 days ago

Trump, NAFTA, Rum, and Tequila

by The Big Crunch 20 days ago

If at all possible, let's try to avoid any comments outside of the narrow scope of this post's title. Okay, that sai...


ferret commented 18 days ago

Homemade Apricot Brandy/Liqueur?

by The Big Crunch 4 years ago

So, as someone who's only been into the whole cocktail thing for a few months, I've been gradually building a home ba...


The Big Crunch commented 19 days ago

Straight Whiskey and Blended Whiskey

by Sami7 20 days ago

How does straight whiskey taste compare to blended whiskey? Which one is better? Also which one is better to use...


ferret commented 19 days ago

Recommendations for light rum for baking and drinking

by qwerty1 21 days ago

I posted this on the Home Cooking community, but I figured it made sense to ask here as well. I'm planning to use th...


The Big Crunch commented 19 days ago


Gin advent calendars to count down to Christmas

by Melanie Wong 21 days ago

"...Gin fans will be rejoicing up and down the country - because you can now buy an advent calender filled with 24 di...

tim irvine commented 20 days ago

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