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Why do so many people hate Gin?

by YAYME 4 years ago

As a former Gin hater, I can understand it's bad rap. People say it tastes like christmas tree. I counter that you re...


jpc8015 commented 2 hours ago


Gin recommendations?

by Jack2 17 days ago

I recently bought some bombay sapphire (never drank gin before but i wanted to make a tom collins with it) and was wo...

TroyTempest commented 4 hours ago

Extra charge for rocks or neat

by Sinicle 7 years ago

Recently at a high-end restaurant we were charged $1.50 extra for each drink ordered "on the rocks." Explanation giv...


HotelFnBGuy commented 1 day ago

Matching spirits with cider

by pindert 12 days ago

I'm not much of a drinker, so I need help with this. My sister is hosting Thanksgiving. She plans to have some mull...

TroyTempest commented 5 days ago

Thanksgiving drinks

by johnnyc87 11 days ago

Looking for some good drinks to make for thanksgiving. im already making mimosas. Any other ideas out there, bourbon ...

TroyTempest commented 6 days ago

Madrid 2015 New Years eve !

by agoraVot 18 days ago

NY/LA foodie traveling to Madrid for honeymoon. Dec 30-jan 2 Any recommendations for an amazing gastropub on new y...


KateMPH commented 9 days ago

Cocktail party for colleagues- help with pricing logistics

by karela 24 days ago

After telling some colleagues at an organization that I belong to about a cocktail party I hosted, they were inspired...


CaptCrunch commented 11 days ago

Homemade Bitters

by mrgrotto 7 years ago

ATTN: Chowhound DIYers/Boozebags RE: Homemade bitters I work at a fairly decent liquor store and, as one of the buye...


karela commented 12 days ago

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Vermouth for Dummies

by stevewi 16 days ago

See: -- sw

I need some help with Scotch

by CindyJ 21 days ago

I know nothing about scotch. I don't drink it -- and if I had to say why I don't, it's probably because I don't know...

CindyJ commented 17 days ago

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Vodcuppa...Vodka Gol Gappa

by Vaibhavverma 18 days ago

Hello everyone. Welcome to my page. Today I am going to share with you another wonderful Indian snack with a twis...

German Jerusalem Artichoke Liquor ?Topi, Topinambur, Rossler

by opinionatedchef 5 years ago

Has anyone ever seen or tasted this product in the U.S.? I am a big fan of sunchokes and very interested to try this...


JBGBJB commented 18 days ago

Looking For A Good Beginner's Cocktail Kit

by PontiusPalate 1 year ago

Greetings: In the past, I have stated in the past that I don't like to drink at home alone. However, I have dec...


stevethebartender commented 19 days ago

Favorite Aperitif while preparing dinner

by FoodExpression 4 years ago

For me it depends on whats for dinner....I love pouring that first drink while preparing my mise en place. But most ...


RosePearl commented 20 days ago

Good liquor stores between Ohio and Florida?

by jtbeck419 25 days ago

We are driving from Ohio to Sarasota this weekend and looking for any good liquor stores along the way. So far, just ...


sarge commented 21 days ago

"D mi Pueblo de oro" Tequila

by jbranch56 7 months ago

The finest tequila, bar none, that I have ever enjoyed was given to me by an employee returning from a family visit t...


jbranch56 commented 24 days ago

First bottle of cachaca--disappointed

by jumpyg 5 years ago

I picked up a bottle of Agua Luca--cool bottle. Opened it up and was disappointed to smell a faint resemblance to teq...

yarm commented 26 days ago

Looking for Amaro Montenegro in Boston area

by RoyRon 1 month ago

Following a great lunch at Select Oyster I was offered a wonderful digestiv called Amaro Montenegro. I had never hea...


mkfisher commented 30 days ago

Maraschino cherries moldy?

by Sisiutl 1 month ago

I have a jar of Luxardo maraschino cherries that I bought about a year ago. I've used a few of them. I keep them in r...


LuxardoUSA commented 1 month ago

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