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Zucca, Bermondsey, London


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Zucca, Bermondsey, London

limster | | Apr 3, 2010 03:10 PM

An Italian restaurant on Bermondsey Street opened by the folks at Maltings Cafe.

Solid unassuming food and very inexpensive (£30 for the stuff below plus a glass of wine).

Fairly light batter, a crispy foil to soft sweet butternut squash. A few leaves of sage that while welcome, could have done more to make their presence felt.

I liked how the succulent king prawns were carried by the tomato sauce, even if the sauce seemed a touch too concentrated at times, but the linguine with it was slightly too soft, I would have preferred a bit of textural backbone.

Grilled bass was soft and silky, very moist. An ok side of gently tangy artichoke (with a few very fibrous pieces).

Pleasant ice creams - a dense creamy vanilla, a similarly textured pistachio dotted with bits of the nut, and a very soft salty caramel.

I enjoyed the food at Maltings Cafe more, but will probably be back to try other things on their menu over time, since they just opened.