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WOW! Our First Visit to "The Precinct" in Cincinnati


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WOW! Our First Visit to "The Precinct" in Cincinnati

jarona | | Aug 6, 2012 06:03 AM

Gotta say, we had an outstanding dinner at "The Precinct" this past Saturday. It was a pleasure to know it was the first time my daughter had steak since moving three months ago to Cincy that was so delicious. We started off with Kirs, we skipped the "Royale" part b/c restaurants usually use cheap champagne that burns. Anyway, our regular Kirs were mixedt o perfection. The bread was eye-roll-to-the-back-of-your-head worthy b/c of the freshness and the truffle butter that accompanied it. For appetizers we shared Steak Tartare (hey, it IS a steak house after all) and my daughter had the risotto balls in tomato sauce. We were all very pleased. We all decided on the Greek Salads. I have to tell you--usually when you get a greek salad it is large chunks of iceberg lettuce and huge hot-house cardboard tomatoes that you spend more time cutting than eating, drenched in olive oil and vinegar and a ton of oregano and a teeny bit of feta. NOT HERE! This was, hands down, THE best Greek Salad I've had in my life--and I ain't no spring chicken! The lettuce fresh, the tomato flavorful and everything was cut so that you didn't need to spend time cutting up lettuce and tomato. Plenty of Feta. I'll tell you, if I lived in Cincy, I would be ordering this Greek Salad to go every night if allowed! My daughter and I had the Collingswood Steak, which was the most tender, delicious steak that was like butter. The bernaise with crab was divine. Vincent had the Steak au Poivre which he loved. All was cooked the way we liked it. My only issue was that there was too much salt. I dunno if it was in the steak or sauce, but next time I'm there, I'm going to request to ease up on the salt. I've had this issue at Parc in Philly too and it's weird, because I'm definitely one of those people who love salt, but it just was a tad too salty--didn't stop me from eating, though:). We each had a side of mashed potatoes which were amazing, but the portion was just so large, I could not finish. I wish we had dessert, but we were just so full!
The service was great. Great, great place!!!