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New to the world of cast iron cooking.....oh, where to begin!


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New to the world of cast iron cooking.....oh, where to begin!

bigdogs | | Mar 12, 2010 08:57 AM

I just splurged and bought a cast iron pot at a thrift store.

It was a huge undertaking for me to buy it but not because of it's purchase price (it was from, afterall, a thrift store) but I was very hesitant to buy it because of the intimidation factor of cooking on "CAST IRON".

So after much searching online, I've identified my new pot as a "dutch oven camping pot". It's a relatively small round pot with 3 tiny little legs, a lid, and a round wire handle. I have no idea what brand, how old, whether it was well cared for at it's former home (homes), etc. It had a little surface rust which I easily cleaned off and, as we speak, it's in my oven, covered in a light layer of Crisco, smokin' up house.

What I've also come across in my online travels is *considerable* contradictory information about the care for cast iron.

I bought this pot to use while camping (the 5-10 times a year that we go) but I had also planned on using it at home. I have a glass top electric stove. Can I, or can I not, use it on the stove top. It has the little legs that will prevent it from making full contact on the burner but I have read conflicting opinions about whether it can be use.

Also, does brand matter? Buying second hand, I can't find any markings on the pot that would help me - or someone that knows about cast iron, to identify the brand. Before I buy anymore, does brand matter? Or is cast iron cast iron, regardless of it's original price.

Any information would SO be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

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