Wilting Tomato Plants


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Wilting Tomato Plants

BananaBirkLarsen | Jul 21, 2012 02:22 PM

Two days ago, I planted a dozen small tomato plants I bought from a local nursery. I know its a bit late in the season, but I only just moved into this house at the beginning of the month and couldn't wait a whole year to give the garden area a try. I'm in Santa Fe, NM, and it's been fairly hot and dry, and the sun has been quite intense for the last couple days. When I got up yesterday, the tomato plants were all wilted. I gave them a good watering and they seemed to perk up for the most part. Today, however, they were worse than yesterday and only about half of them perked up at all when I watered them. Several look droopy to the point of near death. I've watered them twice and am a bit worried that if I water again I could risk overdoing it. The ground around the plants still looks damp. None of the leaves look sunburnt at all, just limp and droopy, but I'm wondering if I should hang a tarp over the garden to protect them a bit from the sun until they get used to the intensity (they've been living in a nursery greenhouse, after all). Is it possible that the water I'm giving them isn't getting to the roots? The soil in the garden was bone dry when I started working with it, but I mixed in plenty of compost and put extra in the holes where I planted the tomatoes and then mulched around each plant with a bit more compost. Any help would be great. I'm worried I'll lose all of my plants before I've even really started.

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