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Wendy's boneless wings


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Wendy's boneless wings

beachmouse | | Jun 30, 2009 08:55 PM

So I'll hit Wendy's every so often for lunch because I'm craving french fries and they're the best in that regard close to work . Out of curiousity, I've given their boneless wings a try, and surprisingly, they're about 75% of the way to a good product.

For all that they're called wings, they're 100% breast meat, and a huge upgrade over the chicken nuggets. The problem begins when they add the sauce to it.

Bold Buffalo with aged cayenne- I think there actually is some nice pepper flavor buried in there somewhere, but it's killed by the rest of the sauce which seems to be about 95% HFCS. Fortunately, my local Wendy's doesn't charge extra if you ask for a couple of chicken nuggets sauces on the side, so I was able to cut down on the cloying sweetness but shaking off some of the sauce and then dipping the wings in ranch sauce.

Sweet & spicy Asian chicken- described as 'authentic Asian flavors' but really in the sense that if you consider the Giant Chinese Superbuffet in Paducah, Kentucky as authentic. Again, it's 95% HFCS, but the chiles and peppers manage to bring something resembling spice to the whole mix. I definitely liked them better than the Buffalo version.

Honey BBQ- I'll let someone else try this one as there seems to be nothing that would cut down on the insane sweetness.

Verdict- best plan of action would be to ask for the boneless wings plain with some chicken nugget sauce on the side to dip them in.