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Weekend Report, thanks


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Weekend Report, thanks

toro | | Oct 19, 2008 10:22 AM

Just had a wonderful last minuite weekend with my wife in Chicago. After an exhaustive chowhound search ended up at the following restaurants. Train from Ann Arbor, to priceline hotel Westin River North. Walked 2 bloocks to Topolo, great fresh ceviche, one of the best magaritas, and a restaurant that uses huitlacohe. No wait no reservations. Then took river cruise and architecture tour and ended up with a friend at Katsu in Lakeview. I was as several hounds described, very traditional, but some of the freshest sushi I have had. Special yellowtail fro Tjukii, and bluefin toro from Boston. The chefs selection included these, $48 dollars i felt was very reasonable. Reminded me of Oishii in Boston. Was able to get last minite reservations at Tru for the dessert tasting at 10PM. Definatly a meal in itself. Some major hits anda few misses, but very creative and on the same level of desserts i've had at Per Se and French Laundry. Next day had a fair dim sum meal in Chinatown at the Phoenix, nothing special since we just got back from our long food trip to HKK,BKK, and singapore, but were craving chinese and Thai so we went to TAC Thai and ordered off the Thai menu. maybe we should have eated at Spoon. The meal was solid, ordered 9 dishes to sample, and the bill was only $79 dollars. the BYOB did help with thai beer from the convience store 3 doors down. Breakfast across the street at Bin 36, poor service but a respectable lox and steak and eggs. Thanks for the help with planning a lovely trip with my wife.

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