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Vik's is a Joke

kare_raisu | | Mar 23, 2010 08:48 PM

Vik's Chaat Corner was without a doubt the worst place we chose to eat while up in your city the past weekend. This was the third time I gave place a chance and it stroked out so hard. I had hoped that the new digs might have inspired the cooking a bit but all we ate was a failure.

We had:
Keema Samosas
Pani Puris
Papdi Chaat
Chai and Mango Lassi


The chai was so pitiful it tasted like hot milk faintly spiced with a lipton tea bag.

Mango Lassi came out of a slurpee machine

The keema samosas could have been ground beef - tasted nothing of lamb. And the chutney was a few days past prime.

Pani puris were the worst. They came unprepared and the jeera water tasted so artificial and painfully sharp on the throat. The filling was literally a pile of mashed potatoes topped with chickpeas. Pathetic

Papdi chaat tasted good but there were like 4 papdis to soak up the rich yogurt and tamarind.

Uttapam - had no green chiles or onion in the pancake - so bland. The sambhar was lackluster as was the yellow gravy.

Save your money and go elsewhere for chaat. If you are ever in San Diego check out Surati Farsan - which is like the French Laundry of chaat put next to this Mickeydees of Indian street food.

Vik's Chaat House
2390 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710

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