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vegetarian ramen?

helenhelen | | Jan 6, 2014 10:28 PM

where can i find find vegetarian ramen in this city? after the hype about ramen in the city over the past little while, i wanted to try some and see what it was all about (prior to this, i had only ever had instant ramen which i grew up eating).

i have tried ajisen's miso ramen (terrible), kenzo's ji su men (okay, but nothing too exciting), and ryoji's vegetable ramen (decent, but i'm still not in love).

wondering if perhaps i just don't like ramen all that much or if veg versions are just not good, i decided to seek out veg ramen that people (including meat eaters) rave about online when i was in NYC: chuko's veggie ramen. it was delicious!

now i want more ramen, but a veg ramen is rarely offered at the places around town since meat-based stock is almost always used. where can i try some more veg ramen?

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