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Vacationing in South Beach

Rondo | | Sep 28, 2006 04:13 PM

In October. Philly hound. Have been to S.B. at least 7 times. Looking for new restaurant experiences. Staying at the Loews will not have a car. Wife loves Steak and Italian. I will eat anything but Indian. Some of the places we have eaten at over the years:

Barton G (for some reason I LOVE this place);
Joe Allen (disappointing meal last time; first time was great);
Front Porch (will definitely eat there again. and again.);
Spris (a good old standby);
Balans (had brunch, it was just ok.);
Big Pink (for some reason I LOVE this place);
The Tides (disappointing last time, not worth the "take out a second mortgage" prices);
the restaurant at the Pelican Hotel (can't think of the name);
Van Dyke Cafe and of course the News Cafe (yeah, yeah, I know, "Can you say tourist trap?" never had more than an average meal there);
Joe's Stone Crab (will not go back, wife was ready to kill chef for overcooking her steak and the vaunted hash browns were uber-greasy);
Cafe Nexxt (feh!);
That's all that comes to mind, but do the math (7 visits X three meals a day X average stay of 4 days) and there are tons of other places we have been to. Thanks in advance. And, hey, can you order up some perfect weather?