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UVA. 77th&2nd. Lower the volume


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UVA. 77th&2nd. Lower the volume

uptwngrl14 | | Aug 19, 2007 08:37 AM

Went there for the 2nd time the other night and came away w/ the same thought: too noisy.
-- And I like going to clubs! But when going out for a nice casual dinner, just don't think the music they play and the volume at which they play it is part, nor should be part of that picture. -- We're a young couple in our mid-30's and even the couple next to us, maybe in their 20's were commenting to each other on how noisy/loud it was as well.

Food's good, wine list-decent, service-friendly, atmosphere-rustic & warm.

Why do they feel they need to have a club-like atmosphere w/ their blaring bass-heavy music? It overwhelms you the moment you walk-in. Can't management figure out that w/ the cramped seating arrangements already what it is, everyone having to shout over the music to have a mere conversation with whomever they're dining with just creates an unwelcome cacphony not what one would expect based on all the other positive characteristics of the restaurant.

You could keep your choice of hip music, but PLEASE....just lower the volume.

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