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Update on Iowa City

DHM | | Jul 18, 2010 12:11 PM

Just a couple of updates on my 2009 survey of Iowa City restaurants. First of all you should probably take Iguana off your list. When it first opened it had some really original dishes-not the usual taco/enchilada/burrito/etc. that comes from a can. Lately, however, they have dumbed down the menu to appeal to the luncheon crowd--bad buffet, etc. Replace it with El Bandito which has just opend. Fabulous. My wife and I just ate lunch there for around $20. I had the shrimp burrito with chipotle sauce and she had the mushroom and spinach enchilada and we both loved it. I intend to try everything on the menu. It's all freshly prepared and not the usual Mexican greasy spoon. If you don't want to waste time sitting in the restaurant, check out their booth at the Saturday farmer's market--egg and chorizo burrito is fabulous! Great hangover food.

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