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Una Pizza Napoletana

LVI | | Aug 21, 2006 01:27 PM

Fri night my wife and I went to Una Pizza Napoletana to try for ourselves one of the most disputed Pizza places in NYC. This place seems to be either loved or hated. And I will say, if you are going to Una Pizza Napoletana to get a pie with all the toppings, you will hate it. If you are going to experience what a singular expression of Napoletana pizza is with the FINEST preparation and ingredients then I agree that it is one of the finest. I would only compare it with Di Fara in terms of quality. They are both excellent and I would lean towards Di Fara for the only reason that you have more diversity. But getting to Di Fara is another story...Una Pizza Napoletana was wonderful and I cannot get over the ABSOLUTE dedication that Anthony has partaken in the preparation of each and EVERY pizza. Sure it is expensive but at the end of the day I would much rather spend my money on something that I know is being created by a singular person who puts all his attention to each order rather than some other place that is more concerned with turn over than the absolute art of pizza making.