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Help with turkey gravy


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Help with turkey gravy

itryalot | Oct 4, 2009 03:10 PM

On the good advice from a poster on this board, last year I made turkey stock to use for gravy and it was better than prefab stuff but still only OK.
This year, I roasted the veggies (carrots, onion and celery) as well as some turkey necks, giblets, thighs, wings and drumsticks. I dumped it all in a pot and covered with cold water. It has been simmering for 8 hours now and it has reduced to a dark rich turkey stock.
The question, besides adding pan drippings, should I do anythng else while making it into a gravy. What have been your best methods for thickening.

My flour slurry was high maintenance last year and I think it "de" intensified the turkey flavour.

Now I have 5 liters of strained stock that is going into the freezer, half for Cdn Thanksgiving and half for US Thanksgiving.

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