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Turkey brining and basting question.


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Turkey brining and basting question.

Xellosw2099 | | Nov 19, 2012 10:18 PM

Hi all, I got some question on turkey brining and basting question. I know that brining a turkey will made the turkey moist and juicy even after cooking but I am not quite sure on how to brine it. What is suppose to be in the brining solution beside salt? I watch one of the Alton Brown piece but it seem it is a lot of ingredient for brining. Also, any idea how long am I suppose to brine it for? Some people say a day some say 2-3 days. My fridge is not big enough to hold the pot for brining.

As for basting, is it needed or as some people call it evil?

I always tend to use some type of foodnetwork receipt and they always seems to do fine but I want to improve upon it this year. I always some use kind of garlic herb favor butter and rub it all over the turkey and under the skin and it turn out pretty favorful.

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