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Truffled Quail Egg Toast?


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Truffled Quail Egg Toast?

Paul N | | Dec 6, 2007 07:40 PM

My wife's a big fan of the truffled egg toast at Ino in New York


I recently came into possession of a whole bunch of fresh quail eggs and some very good truffle butter, and I was thinking of trying out my own mini-toast adaptation.

I'm inexperienced with quail eggs and feel this might be a bad idea for several reasons:

1. What would I do with quail egg whites? A mini egg white omelet? It seems wasteful to just do a quail egg yolk recipe.

2. Is it okay to eat quail eggs as runny as the yolks in egg toast are? (I got the eggs from a quail farm, where they told me they didn't need to be refrigerated and would keep for at least a week - probably two... but like I said I'm inexperienced with quail eggs and I don't want to make anybody sick.


3. There are lots of recipes for soft-medium boiling the eggs and smearing them on toast... so what's wrong with that...?

And yet... I think truffled quail egg toast may turn out to be the greatest toast that ever happened. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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