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Trader Joe's MIA: Vanilla extract


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Trader Joe's MIA: Vanilla extract

toodie jane | | Oct 3, 2006 02:46 AM

They moved everything in my local store around, including the spices. They now are a small section near the packaged flour and baking mixes, which actually makes sense. But no more pure vanilla extract!

Now it's just a very small bottle--2 oz?--and it is 'vanilla flavoring' in glycerine, with other bizarre ingredients too. The label tours it as "non-alcohol". Am I suppposed to be overjoyed?

Anyone out there still getting real vanilla extract at their TJ's?

Anyone know anything about this glycerine-based 'flavoring'?

I'm headed to Cost Plus tomorrow to see if they have any deals on good vanilla.

I'd appreciate any comments.

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