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Some thanksgiving questions from a newbie


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Some thanksgiving questions from a newbie

Produce Addict | | Nov 21, 2010 04:16 AM

First time really hosting thanksgiving for the whole family (12 people!) and I'm excited, but have some questions.

1- Cooks Illustrated said we could just use the broiler pan, instead of purchasing a roasting pan (and then trying to figure out where to store it the other 364 days of the year): http://www.cooksillustrated.com/image... . I am planning this approach, (probably lining the grate with foil to catch spills), but am now getting paranoid that it won't work.

2- Planning to do this sweet potato recipe (someone on chowhound recommended it, it is delish!): http://www.finecooking.com/recipes/sp... . Thoughts on whether all or part of it can be made ahead of time?

3- Planning to dry brine monday night, pat dry first thing Thurs. am, and then let it dry off in the fridge for a few hours, before heating the stuffing in a microwave (per Alton Brown) and popping it in. Do I then use time estimates based on a stuff bird or an unstuffed bird? Any reason this wouldn't work with gourmet's "turn up the heat" approach? http://www.gourmet.com/magazine/2000s...
And finally, would it be better to give it less dry brine time and more air drying time, but drying starting Wed. night?

thanks all!

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