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Tai Hing

yimster | | Aug 6, 2008 07:12 AM

This a little hole in the wall which opens at 7 AM for a Cantonese breakfast of congee. Not a high end place but something which you can do a breakfast special for about 6 CAD which includes a selected congee (which I ordered the sampan one) and a choice of either rice roll, soy sauce chow mien or fried bread.

Lot of lunch specials but I eaten any thing expect the breakfast special. Normally I in Canada in the fall and there is nothing like a warm bowl of congee on a cold morning.

This was a hang out of my cousin who life in the area.

Worth checking out. Petty sure the lady speaks enough English, not sure.

There were lot of daily specials for under 4 CAD which are not ready for breakfast.

Did have there won ton a couple of years ago good but the in the first group of best won tons.

Tai Hing Restaurant
8075 Park Rd, Richmond, BC V6Y1S8, CA