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Sweets You Can't Resist in Paris


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Sweets You Can't Resist in Paris

Steve | | Mar 25, 2011 03:16 PM

Hi! looking for suggestions around the second week of May.....

Looking to hear about your favorite chocolate shops, pastry shops, and ice cream purveyors in Paris>

Not much in the way of criteria, really, but here are some starter ideas:

Dark chocolate, but not more than about 65%. Not really looking for plain chocolate, but concoctions like truffles, pralines, ganaches. Whatever place you can't resist at the moment.

Ice Cream: No criteria, really, something you think I can't get back in the USA Adore ice cream with dried fruits, for example, but anything will do. Specific flavor suggestions welcome!

Pastry: partial to bavarois or combinations of tropical fruit flavors and chocolate..... less likely to want a tart tatin. I adore something simple like a galette de sucre as well.

Although I've given some hints, please feel free to tell me about anything you're in love with at the moment.