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Sushi in Nassau

Governor | | Mar 7, 1999 10:08 AM

Been meaning to give this place a plug. After
lamenting on the outer boroughs board about the dearth
of good sushi in Queens, I have to praise a place on
Main Street in Port Washington called Yamaguchi's.

Caveats: Normally one of my favorite appetizers is
shu mai, avoid it here: tough and rough. An
appetizer of sea bass in a light, tangy glaze was
however, perfection.

Still, you're going here for the sushi. Fresh,
expertly cut, generously portioned pieces. A
surprising charmer is called Shrimp Sandwiches, which
by all rights should be awful, WASP sushi. Lightly
steamed, butterflied sweet shrimp sandwiched around
crabmeat with a sprinkling of herring roe, bound with
(of all things) mayo. Again, should be awful, but I'm
going to end up ordering rounds for the table on my
next visit.