Storing Sherry


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Storing Sherry

Tarz | | Aug 3, 2006 08:26 PM

After a service mishap, a wonderful waiter comped the gf and I for a glass of sherry and port with our desserts, perfectly matched with them.

Now I'd love to buy a bottle of the Sherry ... I believe it was East India Solera Lustau. And the Port, I think, was Warre Colheita Tawny, though I'm definitely open to suggestions of other good sherries and ports.

But neither the gf or I are able to drink much alcohol at a given meal. We pretty much reserve opening a bottle of wine for when we have another person over, otherwise we end up leaving a third of it in the bottle (and falling asleep before dessert!).

Does sherry -- or port -- keep well after the bottle has been opened? Should it be put in the refrigerator? Please help me, those drinks were delicious, and thanks in advance!


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