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sticky rice


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sticky rice

jenn | | Jan 30, 2009 12:28 PM

Last Sunday in the midst of preparing our lunar new year feast, I observed we were low on rice. YEGADS! so I sent my husband to the local asian market to buy rice. When he returned, he tossed a 25 lb bag of rice off to the side and gleefully presented me with a Tsingtao t-shirt with an ox and 5 pairs of bright red tsingtao chopsticks. Having enough rice for that meal, I didn't look at the rice.

The next day, as I loaded my beloved fuzzy logic rice cooker with congee makings [leftover fish FYI], I opened the new bag of rice. YARK! To my dismay, it didn't contain my lovely translucent jasmine rice. No, this was white ish rice.....lots and lots. I take a quick look at the bag and it clearly states "sweet rice." Seems dear husband was sooo very excited the t-shirts and chopsticks [but NOT the pretty girls, okay? he made it very clear that he was NOT distracted by the pretty girls.........], he failed to look at what he bought.

So here we sit, with 25 pounds of sticky rice. On the bright side, the most rice picky of the pups [the one who says brown rice and sushi rice are NOT rice] seems to like sticky rice.

But what do I serve it with? I have Alford/Duguid's Seductions of rice and HotsourSaltySweet as a starter for dishes to serve with sticky rice--any other thoughtS

Even more importantly, do I really need to soak it for 12-24 hours to make it taste best? And is it possible to cook it in the beloved fuzzy logic rice cooker instead of a basket on the stove? The fuzzy has a setting for sweet rice but I've never tried it. If you can cook it in a rice cooker, do you still have to soak it?

If it were just me and husband home alone, I'd experiment cookingwise but we have 3 pups and they don't deal so well with "whoops, well that didn't work out, lets just have wine and cheese for dinner tonight"

all thoughts appreciated...............

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