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Steak vs Pot Roast


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Steak vs Pot Roast

pecorino | Jul 5, 2012 03:44 AM

I am a novice eater of beef, and an aspiring cooker of beef. I want to try cooking some at home, but not beef stew. I was thinking perhaps steak or pot roast.

My question is not about which is better, but about how they are different. What are the classic qualities of a pot roast, and of a steak? I've eaten beef too rarely to have a firm idea of this. Both should be tender and juicy, yes? But I think pot roast is usually cooked for a long time, perhaps a wet cooking method like braising, is that right? How does this make the final product different from steak? Also, would it be fair to say that pot roast is usually flavored with other things while steak usually just tastes like beef?

Edited to Add:
If you were blindfolded and someone put a bite of steak in your mouth, and then a bite of pot roast, how would they be different?

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