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Station House - Bronxville


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Station House - Bronxville

jhopp217 | | May 17, 2012 12:44 PM

Been ages since I've been to the Station House. Probably since it first opened, but I went to lunch today. Sat at the bar and there were about three others there for lunch too.

While the main menu is a little standard and tired, they did have a few interesting specials. I'm on a bit of a restricted diet now, so I had to stay away from what I'd normally get, so I stayed with the standards.

Chicken Quesadilla as a starter. I asked for a half order, but they served me the full order. No problem, $3 more and dinner for this evening. Filled with chunks of chicken and lots of cheese. A little dry, but this was made up for with the sides of salsa, guac and sour cream. The guac (I'm not here to dispute it's freshness or homemade-ness) was nice, with a little kick. Salsa was jar salsa, but overall, not bad and for the money, well worth it at $8.95

I was craving cheese, so I went with the Station House Toastie. A plentiful amount of ham and cheese, with a slice of tomato on whole wheat with skinny fries. Very juicy and very tasty. I'm not a ham lover, but this was very tasty, not overly salty, and quite enjoyable. No clue what the price was, but I believe about $9. I took home half of this too, with a few fries.

For $18 before tax and tip, two full enjoyable meals. Definitely worth it and better than your average deli paninis or fast food quesadillas.

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