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St. Louis: Where's the cannoli?


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St. Louis: Where's the cannoli?

Hinman Guy | | Nov 26, 2003 06:03 PM

So I was wandering around The Hill today after a nice lunch at Lorenzo's. I might post about Lorenzo's later, but for now I just want to ask:

Where's the cannoli?

Good cannoli, not sad looking pre-filled items with fruit and jimmies. Good cannoli, like you can get in the Italian neighborhoods in other major cities...

Really. First I went to Missouri Baking Company. Just some very small sad looking cannoli with marashino cherries pushed into each end. I asked if they had any larger shells they could fill -- sorry, no.

Then I stopped at Vitale's: they had the same tiny cannolis with cherries. I asked if they could fill any of their larger cannoli shells (which they sell separately) without adding cherries. They didn't have any filling made, I was told.

Finally, into Amighetti's Bakery. Their version was the same as the two above, plus chocolate jimmies. Not what I was looking for. I explained I was looking for the larger size, filled to order. The nice woman at the counter suggested I cross the street and ask at Vitale's...and when I told her I'd already done that, she suggested Missouri Baking Co. When I told her they didn't have them either, she said I was out of luck as these are the only 3 Italian bakeries on The Hill.

How sad. Is it true -- is there no bakery in St. Louis that makes large cannolis, fills them to order, or at least doesn't shove marashino cherries into the ends?