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Squeaky Curds

Poorboy | | Jul 5, 2009 10:11 PM

OK, I will write more about this soon however I wanted to say that I never knew what anyone was saying when they referred to "squeaky" curds.
I was driving toward a place (heading North on 38) north of Kingston called Sharbot Lake when I had to stop off in a place called Parham (or was it Verona?) that had an Esso filling station on it.
As I went into the General Store attached to it, he had a few baggies of cheese curds on the counter. They were there near the cash register.
"What the heck" I said to myself, I need a snack along along the way and I picked up a little baggie of them.
I have had cheese curds many times and they were OK.
Yet, there are a few on this board that that would ask:
"Were the curds squeaky?" And I would think this odd as I have enjoyed cheese curds many times and not known what all the fuss was about.
Well, I had a few curds from this pace and the curds actually squeaked with each bite.
So, where can we by squeaky curds in Toronto?

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