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The Spotted Pig...First Time Review


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The Spotted Pig...First Time Review

petuniafromhell | | Aug 9, 2010 11:38 AM

Bar Snacks
Deviled Eggs
Devils on Horseback
Sheep’s Milk Ricotta Gnudi with Basil Pesto
Crispy Pig's Ear with pickled...cabbage, arugula and parsley
Beet salad with some sort of soft cheese
Skirt Steak with Assorted Squash (Zucchini and Chayote)

Went to the SP on Saturday night around 10:30 pm hoping to find a table for 2 people. The place was packed and the wait was about 45 minutes. Luckily we found two spots in the bar area and which seemed as comfortable as the tables and we chose to stay there and have our meal (they did ask us about 20 - 30 minutes later if we still wanted the table). We had heard good things about the food there, and we looked forward to trying as much as we could. We started with the bar snacks, Deviled Eggs and Devils on Horseback...both awesome, such simple preparation but full of flavor and textures and a nice way to start the meal. After that, we shared the gnudi....all i can say is, god i love those cheese filled balls! After having a glass of wine, i did try to figure out how they make the damn gnudi but couldn't (impaired vision) but they were awesome...the texture of the dough was like if pasta and potato gnocchi had a baby, you get gnudi dough. Delicious. Then we had the crispy pigs ear....i eat everything pig, so i couldn't wait to try it....awesome, crispy, porky goodness. Loved that it didn't get all soggy from being mixed in with the salad. Love the pickled cabbage (?) that was mixed in, it gave a nice contrast; the only thing i didn't like and that's just me, was the parsley mixed in, b/c i hate parsley. Then we had the beet salad...beets cooked perfectly, love the cheese...but i needed some crunch and a slight more acidity. For our last dish, and at this point we were stuffed but someone had recommended the beef and my fellow chowhounders being a fish hater, we had the skirt steak...and then i was disappointed. At first the bartender told us there was no more skirt steak, so we ordered the burger instead but then she said that they did have the skirt steak after all...i honestly think they should have 86d it and called it a night because we got maybe half a portion. Portions that the restaurant served were good, we had plenty of mouthfuls of all the dishes so it was expected that the skirt, while not a one pounder, would have been more significant. The meat was cooked perfectly and the flavor was good, but we basically got scraps and also, the squash were not impressive and had too much acid. Would I go back…based on the food and ambience…yes…based on the size of the place and waiting time for a table…yes…not for groups, just small parties of two people.