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Two South Shore Raves

Feeble | | Nov 26, 2012 05:25 PM

I just had a big birthday and wanted great catered Middle Eastern / Greek food. I'm Greek-American and lived in Greece and my husband is Greek, so we are very picky. I used To Dine For in Hull ( and the food was absolutely fantastic. We got cabbage rolls, stuffed squash, vegetarian green beans, vegetarian and meat-filled grape leaves, and hummus and tabbouleh. Everything was perfectly cooked and seasoned. No bitter aftertaste in the tomato sauce, they used really good grape leaves, flavors were incredibly fresh. The tabbouleh was the best I've ever eaten. Highly, highly recommended -- everyone at the party was raving, and we're talking people with high standards.

For dessert we ordered mini-cupcakes from Babycakes in Quincy ( It is our new go-to for celebrations. Cake is absolutely delicious and the frosting is real buttercream. All the flavors are tasty, even plain old vanilla. Coconut snowballs were awesome. The presentation was beautiful too. And the owner was so lovely -- in all the craziness we remembered to pick up the cupcakes at the last minute and called her 15 minutes after she closed on Saturday. She waited 1/2 hour more for my husband to pick up the cupcakes. Everyone devoured them.

So nice that there are some great options on the South Shore after many years of drought!

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