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Snack/Hampton Chutney Co.

Jimmy Z. | | Mar 22, 2001 10:24 AM

On the way into C' town for my pork bun expedition, I cruised into Snack on Thompson as well as Hampton Chutney Co..

Everything at Snack looked wonderful, especially the Boureki (large stuffed pastries filled with chicken, feta, mushroom and herbs or olives, tomatoes, herbs and pine nuts) and the Spinach Pie. The sandwiches sounded pretty tantalizing, too (ie. roasted chicken with tomatoes, roasted onions, arugula, fresh mint, and spicy mint lemon mayo). Got a chicken with orzo entree to go that was fricasee like in its consistency with a wonderful tomatoe/garlic/lemon/herb flavor. Worth mentioning that the staff in this shoebox cafe were exceedingly friendly. Also found out that they now do dinner by candlelight which could make for a very cozy evening, esp. in the last few weeks of bleccch winter!

As for Hampton Chutney, I'm not sure how to weigh in. A little too 'cute' for me - - pumpkin chutney, for example?!! The dosas were very well made, light as a feather with strong flavor. But even though I got a (huge!) masala with roasted chicken and spinach, I still felt funny eating it while staring at a Westernized menu where most of the other dosas were filled with combinations you are more apt to find at Cosi (smoked turkey & jack, etc.). Doesn't warrant a return visit, imo, unless I just happen to be in the 'hood. Plus, $11 is a lot to pay for a glorified sandwich. And, given that you have your choice of 5 or 6 chutneys from their homemade offerings, one would think they might allow you to pick more than the allotted one-per-order to accompany your meal. If the chutney is their namesake and they are selling to-go containers of each variety, it might be a good idea if they were a little less stingy about allowing their clientele to sample their fare.