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Smithfield, NC???


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Smithfield, NC???

meatn3 | | Oct 29, 2008 06:07 PM

I had a meeting in Smithfield today and was able to drive around a little. There were several places that looked interesting...searches on this board didn't turn up much though.

I did pop into The Chicken Barn on Bright Leaf - their signboard mentioned gizzards & livers, so I decided I might be hungry after all! Wow! Very tasty, nice light, crunchy crust. Cooked perfectly. I opted out of the sides, so can't report on them. It is an older fast food sort of place, with a counter to place your order and a half dozen or so small booths. Even at a non-meal time of day there were six or so people waiting for their order.

I spotted Mozelles Soul Food on 3rd, two hot dog/burger takeout places - the one on Market was very busy (Cricketts perhaps?). The Little Brown Jug on Market by the river looked intriguing, not sure if it is a bar or if they serve food too. The local newspaper listed a number of delicious sounding Church dinners for the weekend. Seems like some good possibilities!

Is there anyone who has explored this area and can share their experiences?