Slow cookers: What do you think


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Slow cookers: What do you think

delys77 | Feb 23, 2012 08:03 PM

This may verge on sacrilegious for some of you, but are many of us actually using our slow cookers'.
I've had one for about 5 years and have really only used it a few times to make soup or chili.
My issue is that it doesn't really do a good job of chili since it doesn't reduce and honestly I don't see the benefit of taking 4 hours to cook a soup, perhaps if it could cook while I was at work but I doubt I would put a soup together in the morning.
I've also found that recipes usually call for either pre browning (which for me defeats the purpose of slow cooking since I have to dirty utensils and use active time to prep) or they use lots of prepared ingredients like canned soup.
I suppose I'm thinking I would like to get more use out of it and I like the concept of slow cooking, but is anyone out there really making it work, and if so how?

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