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Slightly irritated at Dino's...


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Slightly irritated at Dino's...

PommeDeGuerre | | Apr 7, 2007 01:50 PM

This probably shouldn't bother me, but it does (isn't that Pet P, Eve's.) Aren't the posted hours for Dino's Burgers on Pico 6 AM - Midnight on Fridays and Saturdays? Each of the last two Fridays I have walked into Dino's at 11:45 and 11:40 PM respectively, and been told, "Sorry, we're closed." The Dino's sign outside was glowing brightly, there was no "Closed" sign up in the window, the front door was wide open as usual, the kitchen was staffed, I could see chicken that was cooked, but "Sorry, we're closed." Having formerly worked in several restaurants myself, I understand that as closing time approaches, attitudes towards serving the customer take a downhill turn, but I expect all businesses to either honor their posted hours or change the posting to reflect the "real" closing time. I didn't inquire any further the first time this happened, but nodded and said "OK," thinking that perhaps this is a one time thing or that they had run out of something. When it happened again the following weekend, I inquired as to whether or not they closed at midnight, the reply, "Yes, but we're closed." Not that they will probably care, but Dino's is on my late-night double-secret probation for at least a couple of months for this.

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