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single origin espresso at Cafeoteque.


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single origin espresso at Cafeoteque.

moto | | Oct 19, 2012 03:00 PM

thread's title makes it simple for those who scorn coffee geeks/nerds to skip. myself, have no opinion on nespresso pods or however they come, not having tasted 'em. running out of our home roast, we tried the stuff at the nearby Cafeoteque on Rue Hotel de Ville. pleasantly surprised to find a large variety of roasted beans including Rwandan and a selection of several Guatemala sources. the roaster nearly facing the front door is about as small as you'd find above the sample or home roaster size, and roasting in small batches usually doesn't hurt. needing a morning fix, tried a noisette. another surprise, rather than an espresso blend like many or most places, they pulled shots of Panama Boquete, a highly regarded sub- region. very good, smooth, no bitterness.

purchased 250 gr. of the Boquete to hand drip in our rental. the bag explained a bit about the store. There's one segment of the coffee geek realm to which my usual source of beans and myself have allegiance -- paying the small producers of quality crops well above the commodity standard for arabica, and Cafeoteque's p.r. claims this as as well (if my incomplete French reading comprehension isn't wildly inaccurate). and that's part of the reason some of us avoid buying our drug from mega - corporate dealers like Nestles if we can avoid it.