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Single cup coffee maker recommendations?


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Single cup coffee maker recommendations?

mliew | | Jan 11, 2010 12:30 PM

I currently have a 12-cup Cuisinart auto drip coffee maker. While it makes pretty good coffee, cleaning up is a lot of work and I rarely need to make more than a couple cups of coffee at a time. I've done a lot of research on single cup coffee makers but none of them seem to fit what I'm looking for. My criteria are:

- Needs to brew up to 16oz of coffee (none of the single cup Keurig/Nespresso/Tassimo machines brew this quantity of coffee, most only do 8-10oz)

- No carafe. I want to brew straight into a mug with the option of using a travel mug (so it needs to fit a tall height)

- Option of pods and grounds (I don't like to be limited to just pods/K-cups).

- Coffee needs to taste good. I used to have one of the Black and Decker single cup machines and the coffee always came out watery. I think it was because the water temp was too low coming out of the machine.

- Needs to be auto drip. I have an Aeropress and while it does make good espresso, I've found that I just don't like the taste of Americanos vs. actual drip coffee. Cafe Americanos just taste like watered down espresso (which is exactly what they are). I've considered a manual gravity drip Melitta filter but I don't really want the inconvenience of making coffee manually.

Surprisingly nothing on the market that I've found meets all of these criteria. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.