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Silverton Sourdough Starter


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Silverton Sourdough Starter

oakjoan | | Jul 12, 2009 10:07 PM

For the past what seems like weeks I've been growing my starter into the healthy fellow it is today. Every time I do this, about once ever 5 years, I vow never to do it again. Then I forget about the mess and the constant attention and the gooey mass and the powdery floury mess and I start again.

The main gripe I have about Silverton's directions, and this is only because I failed to read to the end of the directions whereat was contained an extremely important step. . . to throw out all but 2 cups of starter each time you start a new feeding day. The feeding goes on for at least 20394 days and nights. Okay, that's a lie, it's only a couple of weeks, but it requires that you be around at certain times and thus puts the kybosh on most plans you have.

I actually figured out how to make the initial starter and feedings so that I could go on a short trip during the period the starter was resting.

Now I'm almost done and the panic is hitting.....what am I going to make?

The first time I made starter, I made focaccia and I still remember how delicious it was. I have a bunch of dandelion leaves and am going to start with bitter greens, onions and cheese on the focaccia. I hope it's not too hot in the next few days. Nothing worse than baking on a 90 degree day.

So I am about to start my baking odyssey and will report back about the results.

There's nothing so great as looking at your starter and seeing the slightly seething bubbles.