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Sierra Nevada and the arms race....


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Beer, Cider, & Sake

Sierra Nevada and the arms race....

MOREKASHA | | May 24, 2011 05:39 PM

Sierra has been one of my fave breweries for many years. So much so that when travelling in No Cali back in 93 I made a detour to the tap room in Chico for "lunch". Since so many brewers are experimenting and releasing all sorts of cool, interesting hybrids it seems that some "old line" craft brewers feel left out.

I adore the Pale Ale, still the best version of this style made anywhere, Celebration, well the originator of the hop blast, the underrated stout and the gone but not forgotten Pale Bock (sniff, sniff, loud cries). So Sierra decides to climb aboard the train or lay down a parallel track for all sorts of new brews. Sadly, none of them float my boat. Glissade bock hah, Torpedo IPA, wtf?, the Brewers camp series, and now the final straw for me, Ovila Dubbel.

Not one of these beers did anything for me and in some cases left me mad and sad. Mad, cause the larger bottles aren't cheap and sad 'cause their core range is still so great.

Anybody else feel the same way?

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