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Short review of Seoul Restaurant


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Short review of Seoul Restaurant

munchieHK | | Oct 18, 2009 01:13 PM

I felt moved, after my umpteenth visit to this great little place, to share my opinion with you all. Not that they seem to need the business, as they are almost always packed, but some of you may enjoy a visit.
Located at 621 Bloor St, in the heart of Koreatown, it appears to have never been mentioned here, but if you are a Gamjaetang fiend like me I can certainly recommend it. I first noticed it after passing by several times and observing that while places on either side were either half or completely empty, Seoul was usually bursting at the seams with Koreans of every stripe, from students to elderly couples and everything in between. I thought this odd, as the restaurant itself is unprepossessing, to say the least. It is a simple space, almost like a school cafeteria, with a couple of young servers with interesting hair and a middle aged couple in the kitchen. Might be a family affair. The servers are very friendly and surprisingly efficient. I have never had an order screwed up and never received a sideways glance at my demands for yet another round of Kimchi, please!
The food comes fast and is wonderful, especially if you stick to their specialties, the soups and stews. The hotpots are a fantastic deal, coming in at 18 - 20 dollars for enough food to feed 3 or 4 people, depending on your appetite. They have 4 versions, as I recall. Gamjaetang (pork bone stew) being a firm favourite. There is even a vegetarian version. The little side dishes that come with everything are always tasty and often change. I have had a few that I have never seen in another Korean resto. My daughter swears by the squid pancake and my wife likes the Bibimbap, but I say that if you love a rich, spicy pork bone soup, with pork falling of the bone tender, do as all the people lining up do and order the Gamjaetang, you'll be glad you did.
It's not haute cuisine, but it's s(e)oul food of the highest order. It's also so ridiculously cheap that even if you hate it, you will find it hard to drop more than 10 bucks per head, so what do you have to lose?