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Shabbat dinner menu - side dish suggestions?


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Shabbat dinner menu - side dish suggestions?

RosaSharon | Dec 28, 2011 07:24 AM

Hello fellow Chowhounders...

Am planning a Shabbat dinner in a couple of weeks and have most of the menu planned, but am short a side dish. Wondering if anyone might come up with some ideas that are delicious, seasonal and pair well with the rest of the menu:

Homemade Challah
Creamy Cauliflower & Parsnip Soup with Beet Crisps
Fennel Chicory Salad
Lamb Roast with Garlic & Rosemary
Minted Peas
Caramelised Oranges with Dark Chocolate Sauce and Meringues

I am not a big starch eater, and neither are my guests, especially as there will be challah.

Thank you so much in advance!

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