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SF hound visiting Gabriola Island & Vancouver


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SF hound visiting Gabriola Island & Vancouver

adampaul | | Jul 12, 2011 12:14 PM

Hi folks,

My wife & I are leaving this weekend for 6 days on Gabriola Island and 4 days in Vancouver, and would love any tips for local eats. We've never been to Vancouver before and are looking forward to getting to know the city a bit.

I expect we will cook in on Gabriola, but if there's anything tasty around Silva Bay, I'd certainly like to know about it.

I've been reading this board for a couple of weeks now, and so far our tentative Vancouver eating itinerary is something like:

Fri 7/22 (arrive early afternoon): JapaDog, dinner @ Joe Forte's (a friend's husband is a bartender there)

Sat: Nelson Park Farmers Market, brunch @ La Brasserie, dinner @ Phnom Penh, top off w/Chinatown Night Market

Sun: Breakfast/brunch (Twisted Fork?, but open to anywhere downtown'ish, especially if they serve earlier than 10am), dinner @ Vij's or Rangoli (any tips for minimizing wait @ Vij's? Get there @ 5?)

Mon: dim sum carts @ Golden Ocean, early dinner @ Go Fish or maybe one of the downtown Guu - flight back to SF @ 8pm.

We are staying in Davie Village and won't have a car, but are happy to take transit elsewhere so long as it's not too far away (and preferably in a 'hood with other things to do).

Cuisine-wise, we absolutely want at least one dim sum meal (strongly prefer carts over menus), and one "northwestern" meal (Forte's, I guess? The other usual recs are too pricey), and can skip Italian since that's very well-covered at home.


Vij's Restaurant
1480 11th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6H1L1, CA

838 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC V6E1W2, CA

La Brasserie
1091 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E1M5, CA