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My Secret Romance with Whole Foods for Life


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My Secret Romance with Whole Foods for Life

Layne Murphy | | Sep 14, 2010 07:34 PM

I was bummed when the Whole Food for Life Market on Los Feliz changed ownership and there were no longer bins teeming with fresh fruit on the sidewalk out front. I love a market that says "We have so much good stuff our store can't hold it." Nevertheless, there are treasures inside now that make me nearly weep with joy. The marvelous bread has been written about here already but these huge fluffy rustic loaves deserve another mention. They are still warm in the morning. I caught my husband patting one lovingly as he unloaded the groceries. Better than another woman I guess. The loaf vanished in the course of an hour. There are also good baguettes. I've been tempted by the large pastry counter but have yet to succumb.

I have hesitated to divulge this out of self interest but the selfless hound on the other shoulder compels me to report amazing produce bargains. I bought 10 pound bags of very ripe tomatoes for $1.50. A couple were gushy beyond salvage but the rest made a big vat of roasted tomato soup. There are also ginormous bags of extremely ripe stone fruit. Again, there are a few gone quite icky but the rest are ripe to the point of incredible sweetness and flavor and I have been churning out peach, plum and apricot cobblers and upside down cakes all summer. Ten pound bags of ultra ripe fruit are priced between 99 cents and $1.50. This week I snatched up a big bag of red bell peppers for a buck which I divied up at the office. They often carry Romano green beans which I love and have only seen sold at Super King. There is wonderful homemade yogurt for $1.49 a quart and lots of nuts and spices and a nice array of other middle eastern offerings. There is a butcher counter and some prepared foods that I haven't tried. The folks are very nice and it is remarkable how much good stuff they can cram into this dinky market. Please just leave me a bag of fruit and a few tomatoes.

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