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Seaside Ryokan!!!

Notorious P.I.G. | | Aug 22, 2012 08:18 PM

I once saw a variety/travel show where two wrestlers travelled to a coastal town to stay at a Ryokan with an in room bath that looked out onto the ocean. Show may have been Nippon Tabi Tabi, but can't remember...

I have been obsessed with that image ever since however, and this time around am actively seeking a Ryokan on the ocean with an in room bath looking out over the sea. Or something close to it. Food quality should be local and awesome. (which I'm sure is the nature of most seaside Ryokan)

Looking to stay on the Japan Sea side and my itinerary is pretty open right now. I will travel anywhere.

Would like to keep it in the Y30,000 - Y40,000 range but will splurge if the Ryokan is out of control good.

Would love to hear any and all of your suggestions.

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