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Seared Scallops in New Lodge Cast Iron Skillet


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Seared Scallops in New Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

acd123 | Feb 12, 2009 05:29 PM

I bought a new cast iron skillet and seared scallops in it tonight. I usually use a stainless steel skillet and my scallops never stick. Tonight, the scallops stuck like crazy.

I've had a lodge cast iron grill pan for a few years and nothing ever sticks to it, which leads me to beleive that the new skillet just needs time and many more uses to become non-stick. But the lodge cookware comes pre-seasoned, so I just want to confirm that it wasn't my lousy cooking technique :-) I got the pan rip-roaring hot, but in a bit of bacon fat and some clarified butter, put them in, and didn't move them so that they would carmelize.

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