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searching for a gooey, decadent cinnamon roll recipe


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searching for a gooey, decadent cinnamon roll recipe

delleelise | Aug 4, 2013 03:53 PM

Made smitten kitchen's cinnamon buns today [http://bit.ly/14sTdod] and while I followed the recipe perfectly (used timers, weight measurements, thermometers, etc.), they came out kind of dry and not gooey. I actually took them out 4 minutes early as well, leading me to think that the temperature of 375 is too hot?

The boyfriend says they're great, but what does he know! :) I was hoping for a stickier, gooey roll oozing with cinnamon and butter. Mine, by contrast, was a tad crispy around the edges, doughy, and while it wasn't dry per say, it wasn't moist.

Also, the icing was kind of thick and not like a glaze that you can pour over the pan.

So should I take away flour? Try another recipe? Add more butter and cinnamon? Knead less (did it for the stated 8 minutes)? The dough rose really well, but should it be stickier and harder to roll out? Thanks for the advice!

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