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SDRW - Pampelmousse Blah!


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SDRW - Pampelmousse Blah!

scout909 | | Jan 10, 2007 10:26 PM

What a disappointment! This was my second time to Pampelmousse Grill and after the first I was not in a hurry to return, But, its restaurant week and so we thought we would give it another chance. Simply put it was a waste of money.

Here’s the program. They seat you and then inform you of the “specials: which all carry a increased charge over the $40 restaurant week price fixe. SO, for foie gras it’s an additional %15 and for the steak entrée it’s an additional $20. So by the time you have what the chef thinks is special you’re at $75 buck per person. Then comes the ultimate in your dining “experience.” When you finish they have already added a 20% tip to your tab. Apparently this will occur during the entire week.

The ‘show case” menu for the week is much uninspired, and just plain lousy. The shrimp/crab first course was died out, over sauced with a thick sauce and sitting on top two anemic pieces of asparagus. The “Kobe burger” was merely one hunk of salty meat, slapped on a dried out bun. I guess they think that since there a truffles in his dish it make it gourmet! The truffles were not earthy and aromatic but rather pungent and exuded a unpleasant odor. The deserts where blah!

You still have time to cancel your reservations and go to an establishment that is truly showcasing their cooking.