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scotch/whiskey barrel/kit? (making, aging, storing)


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scotch/whiskey barrel/kit? (making, aging, storing)

jen223 | | Mar 26, 2014 02:18 PM

i'm looking into getting my husband a whiskey/scotch barrel for his birthday but am confused by the options i have. please help!

i'll be the first to admit that i know very little about spirits. my husband enjoys scotch and has joked about getting a barrel imported and engraved to age here at home. well i'd like to get a custom barrel engraved with his name, but i'm don't understand how these barrels work.

it seems you can actually MAKE whiskey/scotch in them? is this really possible? i've visited distilleries in scotland, and it seems much more complicated than adding essence to grain alcohol.

ideally the barrel i get for him would be multi-purpose - storing his current bottles of scotch for fun presentation/dispensing when we have guests, aging whiskey/scotch if he chooses, and then making it if he's really ambitious.

any thoughts? i came across this link ( as a start but am focusing on the options where i can custom engrave his name, like this:

would be good to understand what exactly one can really do with one of these barrels, as it's not too clear to me from the descriptions.

thanks, hounds!