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superk73 | | Jun 18, 2009 07:23 AM

I have been scouring the chowhound boards (as well as yelp and others) trying to come up with a place to go eat.

I have a group of about 12 people for a late(r) dinner (8pm) on a tuesday. We are in town for a a convention, thus will be staying down in the gaslamp area. I have been to San Diego a few times, and have not had much success eating in this area. I blame myself for that, I really didn't have enough time to plan. To complicate things slightly more, a few people are coming from a reception where there will be some small it would be great to have a place that has small plates (and 'big' plates). No cars, so walking distance or not horribly expensive cab ride-distance is needed. I am craving fish or lobster anywhere that has those would be great, but not a requirement. Don't really want to go to old is a trip, and I have been disappointed when I have eaten there (was taken...not my choice!).

A few places that seemed appropriate

-La Puerta - I have never this more of a bar type place? Location is good, and seems like it could be fun.

-Oceanaire - I ate here last time I was in was good...but kind of pricey, and maybe a bit too 'fancy' (for lack of a better word?)

-Neighborhood - I like beer. The menu seems pretty tasty.

-Cafe Chloe - looked very tasty.

-Was thinking maybe tinfish would be 'okay' but it closes early.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

(ALSO as an aside, I will be exploring solo the rest of the week...any great hole in the wall places for anything at all, let me know)