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Roasted olive ideas?


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Roasted olive ideas?

rworange | | Aug 21, 2009 01:15 AM

I guess it is fairly common but I never saw it until recently on a menu - Nicoise, picholine & kalamata olives roasted in a rosemary & orange zest-infused olive oil

This sounds like a good idea that never occured to me before. Any favorite roasted olive combo?

Some recipes I googled that sound good to me

Roasted Olives with Fennel & Lemon

Roasted Olives with Lavender and Truffle Oil

Even Lindsay has a roasted olive recipe

They say of them "Roasting olives is a fun and simple technique that gives them a slightly chewy outside and a dense flesh and transforms them into a truly unique bite"

I guess it would be a good way to up the flavor of olives that aren't that good on their own.

What other combos would be good for roasted olives?